Family Groups // Wed + Thu // 8pm // BCM Center

Family groups are what we call "small groups." They are designed to give everyone at BCM a place to belong, to be cared for, to be encouraged and strengthened in their journey with Jesus. Our desire is for everyone to find lasting community here and form real relationships.

How do I decide which group?

On-campus students are placed into family groups based on your residence hall. Off-Campus students, its free game, pick your favorite color or what works best for you. Every group meets at the BCM building at 8pm and both nights cover the same material.

Click on a family group to see dorm assignments, which room at the BCM you'll meet in, and the current leaders and their contact info.




Red Family

Lee Hall

Wed // 8pm // TV Room

Leaders: Kayla Boyd, Andrew Cook, Kate Stevens, Nathan Wright


Blue Family


Wed // 8pm // Classroom

Leaders: Twyla Lee, Nathan Blacka, Sabrina Jacobson, Nick Alley


Purple Family

Vawter - Miles - Johnson - Newman - Main Campbell

Wed // 8pm // Conference Room

Leaders: Alex McMahel, Andrew Beckwith, Sarah Coleman, Phil Olson


Gold Family

PY - New Res East

Wed // 8pm // Library Room

Leaders: Taylor Duncan, Peyton Seay, Brooke Caudle, David Huff


Silver Family

Payne - East Egg - Main Egg - West Egg

Thur // 8pm // Library

Leaders: Alexis Page, Mark Boswell, Kelly Shifflet, Michael Folta


Maroon Family

West AJ

Thur // 8pm // TV Room

Leaders: Amber Stephens, Christian Wiskur, Jasmine Kellaway, Robert Shelton


Orange Family

Slusher - Cochrane - New Cadet

Thur // 8pm // Classroom

Leaders: Abbie Kramer, Brent Bailey, Dani Booth, Andrew Skinner


Green Family

New Hall West - East Campbell - Hillcrest

Thur // 8pm // Conference Room

Leaders: Abby Morris, Luke Beckwith, Oliva Leatherwood, Will Winstead


Yellow Family

East AJ - Harper - Barringer - Pearson

Thur // 8pm // Prayer Room

Leaders:  Ashley Yuan, Michael Wantanabe, Brittany Carter, Josh Yarbrough